Vol 32, No 6 (2012)

Table of Contents


More Geological Reasons Noah’s Flood Did Not Happen PDF
Lorence G Collins, Barbara J Collins


Miriam “Ma” Ferguson (1875–1961) PDF
Randy Moore


Reply to Laurence A Moran’s review of Evolution: A View from the 21st Century PDF
James A Shapiro


Evolutionary Theory: Five Questions • edited by Gry Oftedal, Jan Kyrre Berg O Friis, Peter Rossel, and Michael Slott Norup PDF
Robert Arp
Transformations of Lamarckism • edited by Snait B Gissis and Eva Jablonka PDF
Francesca Merlin
Naming Nature • Carol Kaesuk Yoon PDF
Andrew J Petto
Did Darwin Write the Origin Backwards? • Elliott Sober PDF
Doren Recker
Defining Darwin • Michael Ruse PDF
Brian Regal
The Cambridge Companion to Darwin, second edition • edited by MJS Hodge and Gregory Radick PDF
John S Wilkins

ISSN: 2159-9270